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07 May 2011

Happy Mothers' Day!

A 21-‘hug’-salute to all MOTHERS everywhere!!!

To mums who are doing it tough: single mums, teenage mums; to mums struggling financially and emotionally; to mums with troubled kids; to women who want to be mums (for the first time or second – or fifth) but are having a tough time with fertility issues; to foster mums and adoptive mums; to everyday mums who go that extra mile to do the toughest yet most rewarding job there is...

                 THREE'S COMPANY: My mum Cynthia, my daughter Caitlyn, and Me (Dec 2008)
Multi-talented, multi-tasking: Mummies, hands up if you’ve worn more than five of these hats in the past week: chef, psychologist, counsellor, sports fan, treat negotiator, personal assistant, courier, maid, teacher, referee... Somebody’s got to get the job done and that “somebody” is usually mummy dearest. So we don our imaginary SuperMom suits and blitz through all those mundane/maddening/mind-numbing tasks. Sometimes they get done with mediocrity, sometimes with flashes of brilliance – but they always get done. So give yourselves a pat on the back – and take the rest of the day off! It’s Mother’s Day; you deserve it.

Open-hearted: No one can love you the way your mum does. Her heart is as wide as the sky. That says it all.

Touch: Your mum’s hug can say so many things. Hug: I am so proud of you. Hug: Don’t worry – things will get better. Hug: I’ve missed you. Hug: I am here no matter what you’ve done. Hug: I love you.

Heart-to-heart: A vivid memory from my teen years was of me sitting on the kitchen floor after dinner, having a yak with my mum – sharing secrets about my latest crush, confidences about my future plans, niggling worries on my mind. And mum was always there to listen and offer advice. I miss those days; an email across the miles doesn’t quite cut it.

Eyes at the back of her head: Mother’s intuition? A sixth sense? Part of every mum's DNA? Call it what you want. From baby bloopers (throwing the car keys in the toilet) to teenage trickery (sneaking your boyfriend into your room thinking mum was oblivious), Mother always knows best.

Resilience: Have faith that your mum will never give up on you – even if you do. Your mum loves you fo what you are – warts, worries, whinging and all. She has super-human resolve to do whatever it takes for her children to be happy.

Space to grow: For me, it’s hard to let go of my children; they’re still my babies – an intrinsic part of my being. So how do I give them the space they need to grow and develop their own individuality? How do I make sure protectiveness doesn’t morph into mollycoddling? How will I find the strength to set them free when it's time? Only time will tell. For now, I'll follow my godmother Charmaine's advice and "enjoy every moment of this wonderful time with your children."

What are the best adjectives you would use to describe your own Mum?

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