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My musings and meanderings on childhood - mine juxtaposed with that of my kids'. Everyday incidents and images from our life in Sydney turn my thoughts towards my own wonder years growing up in Bandra, Bombay, India.

21 December 2011

The Naughty Corner Wins!

Yesterday, C2 was refusing to eat his lunch.
I cajoled. I bribed. I pleaded. I threatened.
Nothing worked.
In a huff, I dumped him in the Naughty Corner saying, “When you’re ready to eat like a good boy, you can come out.”
Two minutes…
Five minutes…
10 minutes…
Not a squeak from C2.

Tired playing the waiting game, I went to check on him.
“Do you want to come out from the Naughty Corner and eat properly now?” I asked him.
His reply? “I think I’ll stay here for a little bit longer.”