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07 July 2011

The Sound of Laughter

I was in the kitchen doing the dishes. B was putting C2 in the Naughty Corner for something he had done when I heard him admonish C1, “Stop laughing at your brother when I’m correcting him.”
“I’m not laughing,” she replied.
“Yes, you are. It’s very mean of you to be laughing at your brother when he is in the wrong,” admonished B.
“I was not laughing,” C1 replied, firmly.
“Don’t say you were not laughing when I saw you do it,” said B, even more firmly.
“Daddy, when you laugh, a sound comes out of your mouth, like ‘Ha! Ha! Ha!’. There was no sound coming out of my mouth. So I was NOT laughing.”

The sound of silence from B.

The sound of uncontrollable laughter from me.

Have your kids ever put you in your place? Told you off? Proved you wrong?


  1. Omg, that is too fantastic! I LOVE it! A dry wit at age 3 and outsmarting her father. She rocks! X


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