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25 March 2011

So What’s Your Idiosyncrasy?

When it comes to doing laundry, I have a system I follow to a T. First, sort clothes out into ‘whites’, ‘pastels’, ‘brights’ and ‘darks’. Hang washed clothes inside-out on the clothesline. Once dry, turn them over, right side up, and then fold clothes so that the side seams meet just so. I am fastidious, even pedantic about this. Not so my husband, whose idea of folding clothes is to roll up said items of clothing into odd-shaped balls. No prizes for guessing who does the laundry at the Rodericks’ residence...

Now don’t get me started on which side the toilet roll should face! Or how the notes in my wallet needs to be placed in ascending order, all facing one way...

So what’s your idiosyncrasy? Does it border on being obsessive-compulsive? Do you think having one (or a few!) adds character to your character?


  1. Patent this you could be a $$$$$$$ soon !!!

  2. It definately gives you more character! I also have notes in my wallet as you do - Troy says we are equally as weird as each other.

  3. Volume button always has to be on an even number or 5... thats my hubby's favourite of mine...


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