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12 May 2011

Power Struggle

It’s the height of summer in Bombay at the moment. So I’m thinking back to 35-degree days and still, sultry nights. Luscious Aphoos mangoes and fiery-red May flowers. School holidays and summer camps. Sweat-drenching humidity and soul-sapping heat. Oh, and power cuts...

With a flick of a switch the powers that be decided your power must go. A necessary step to cope with the electricity overload on the power grids. Often done after nightfall to make it more bearable, it was a part and parcel of any Bombay summer.

Suddenly, our ceiling fans (no middle-class family had aircon in the 1980s; today, everyone does) that were whirling at full speed, would grind to a halt. Drenched in sweat, we were awakened from our sleep.

On auto-pilot, we would light the taper candles that kept in a fixed spot for such emergencies, while Mum rummaged round for her pretty bamboo fan. For my brother, Jason and I, fans folded concertina-style from paper would have to do. But if these endeavours failed, an old newspaper or a Readers’ Digest were always handy. Dad would phone the electricity company to lodge a complaint and then wander down the street to have a chat with the other men from the neighbourhood – all of them milling around in their gunjis (singlets) and shorts.

In the dead of night, your ears perked up to sounds all around: infants crying, the clock going tick-tock, dogs barking, neighbours conversing. While the ladies perspired and the men sweated, the children grew listless. When would the electricity be restored??? Time s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d on and on and on.

So we distracted ourselves by making shadows dance on the wall in the light of our candles taken from the altar – a dog, a bird flying, a duck... Mum would go down memory lane, recounting stories of how her generation grew up without electricity – school homework and general housework all done by the light of Petromax lamps – unfathomable to my brother and me.

And, all at once, our prayers for the power to be restored sooner rather than later were answered. A collective “Oooooh!” echoed through the neighbourhood as fans and lights came to life. And we gladly returned to our sweet dreams and slumber...

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Did you experience power cuts as a child? What did you do to pass the time?


  1. Now every household have gadgets powered by electricity--so with power outage all comes to a stand still--- Secretaries in offices with electric type writers loved these moments NO_WORK-- and w/o electricity no TV or computer how we are 'suffering"--so battery operated game boys keep the kids occupied this generation !!!

  2. Not another closure ?


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